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Ground Transportation Estimate by State

Map showing ground transportation estimates from various states in the USA to the nearest shipping port

Available are the most useful transportation of orders


Ground Transportation

Upon payment for the vehicle, ‘SPECIFICARS’ logistics department will dispatch a U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, licensed trucker to pick up your vehicle, from the place of purchase to your choice destination or to the nearest exit port (if the car is for export).

Click the link below for inland transportation estimate and/or calculator.

Ocean Transportation


SPECIFICARS LLC ships most vehicles by RORO. Containerized shipment is largely discouraged because of its delaying and complicated nature. Drivable cars will sail at regular rate of $1100USD and non-drivable (nonrunner) without extensive damage will sail RORO-TOWABLE unit, vehicles that does not run but with heavy visible damage will sail as forklift unit.

Shipping lines charge extra fees for towable and forklift units. Check with our logistics department for the charges, if your car requires towing or forklift.

As soon your vehicle sails, SPECIFICARS LLC will send you tracking updates on your vehicles, and provide you with Estimate Time of Arrival (ETA). 

We will also provide you copies of the Print at Destination, Telex Release or Bill of Lading, at no additional cost, if the client would want to clear the custom with his/her local customs.


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Exchange Rate

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